Is This Roofing Company Contract Legally Binding?

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“A roofing company filled out a damage report and damage assessment for my home.  The agreement states:  “This agreement is subject (Pending) to the approval of the property Insurance Carrier approval of storm damage.  I (Property Owner) Hire Allphase Exteriors Inc. as my Consultant/Contractor To negotiate property damage with my insurance carrier to above stated address.  I agree to allow Allphase Exteriors Inc. To complete all prescribed repairs at prices negotiated by my insurance carrier and Allphase Exteriors Inc. with no additional cost except my insurance deductible.  Allphase Exteriors Inc. Agrees to act in the best interest of the property owner in appropriating damages with insurance carrier.  Upon approval from insurance carrier, a material contract (addendum) will follow in which the property owner will pick material.  Comparable or Upgraded materials will be used for all stated repairs.  Allphase Exteriors Inc. Agrees to act in a timely and professional manner.  Upon authorizing this agreement, the property owner agrees with all duties herein.”  I signed this agreement on 8-29-2012.  I reside in NC.  No estimate or dollar amounts were given to me.  Is this contract legally binding?”

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Without knowing all the facts surrounding this agreement, a definitive legal answer is not possible; you should consult an attorney in your area for advice more specific to your situation.

From the provided text, this appears to be a valid agreement, allowing the Company to act as your agent in negotiating with the insurance company for your roofing repair needs, and completing the necessary repairs.  But please contact an attorney that is knowledgeable in consumer contracts in your area, as laws tend to vary depending on the area in which you live.

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