Is There Anything I Can do Legally to Help My Daughter See Her Half Siblings?

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“My daughter has 2 step-siblings and 1 half-sibling who currently reside with their aunt and uncle while the mother is incarcerated. They have custody. The father is supposed to get visitation but they refuse to let him see his kids. My daughter has not seen her siblings in 7 months. This is causing her some issues and she is starting to act out because of it. Her youngest sister will be 1 in July and hasnt seen her since she was 2 months old. I was wondering if in Virginia there is anything I can do legally to ensure that my daughter can see her siblings?”

The father will have an action through the courts to enforce his parenting time with his children.  Also, if he already has a court order for his parenting time, and if that court order is highly specific (for example, “the first and third weekends of the month”), he can request that the police perform what is known as a ‘civil standby’, meaning that the police accompany him to the aunt and uncle’s house, to enforce the court order.