Is there a Way to File for Sole Custody of my Unborn Child?

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“I am pregnant, and will give birth in a few months and I want custodial and physical custody of my unborn child before it is born. The father of the unborn child and I have never been married and he lives in a different state.

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How would I go about to get the custody of the unborn child?”

You can’t. It is not legally possible.

And shame on you for wanting to deal your own child such a terrible blow as depriving them of their father. Not ensuring that a child has an active relationship with their father is the quickest way to ensure that as a teenager your child will turn to drugs or alcohol, and end up in jail if they are a boy, or as a pregnant teenager as a girl. Why would you want to condemn your poor little baby to such a future, and before they are even born?

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