Is My Neighbor Responsible For Replacing the Retaining Wall?

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About 8 years ago the township sent both me and my neighbor a letter saying that the retaining wall between our properties is falling and dangerous. I found out that the previous owner of my neighbor’s property built the wall.
I found my 4 property corners and the wall is on his property. I called the township to tell them it was my neighbor’s wall. I called the township a year later and they said it’s not your wall and they are getting a contractor out to get an estimate. Well now the wall fell into my property. Are the township and neighbor responsible to remove the wall and replace it? It’s approximately 110 ft long and made of cinder blocks. It holds up the neighbor’s higher ground. Thank you!

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It sounds like the wall belongs to your neighbor, so ordinarily maintaining it would be your neighbor’s responsibility. Unless your neighbor has some evidence to the contrary, I would go with that assumption.

As for the township, I’m not clear why it would be responsible in the first place.

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Author: House Attorney