Is it Worth Getting Involved in Class Action Lawsuit Against TD Ameritrade?

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“Hi! I’m from Guam and my question is about a class action suit against TD Ameritrade (

1.      I was advised by mail about 9 mos ago that I am one of the former TD clients that may have been affected thus may participate in the settlement.

2.      I opted out of the settlement by mail (sent it way before the date it expires) because:

a.       I do not know of any instance that I was involved in any identity theft so I do not know if I have to pursue. The only thing I noticed was I received numerous spam emails re: stock buy recommendation.

b.      The settlement amount indicated was so small that I don’t think it was worth it.

Do you think it is worthwhile to pursue this further? What are my options? FYI, I still have the same email address and mailing address as what was recorded with TD.”

Unfortunately, for an attorney to advise you on this they would need a whole lot more information, and they would need to have a background and expertise in both securities, and Internet security.  If you believe that you were injured (primarily financially) by the situation with TD Ameritrade to a greater extent than the settlement offered, then you should have a consultation with such an attorney.