Is it Legal to be Nude in my Backyard?

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“I am a naturist living in Southampton, New York on the eastern end of Long Island. Unfortunately, there are virtually no places near me (ie resorts) that offer this nude luxury so I’d have to travel far to do this. But my backyard is quite private. It would seem as though standing in my backyard, no one would be able to see me (unless maybe they were trying hard). You wouldn’t be able to see me from the public street either. I wanted to know if this would be an issue as I certainly don’t want the police knocking on my door. As far as I know, no one would be able to sneak a peek easily. I’ve researched the laws in my town and state but it doesn’t seem to be giving me a clear answer.”

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If your local laws don’t give a clear answer, you may be stuck in a grey area. ¬†You might want to actually see if you can speak with someone in the District Attorney’s office to get an opinion on this one.

Logically, it would seem that if you’re taking adequate precautions, then being out in your yard would be the equivalent of being inside your house (that is, not “in public” for purposes of the public indecent exposure laws). ¬†However, I certainly understand your concern about relying on logic in this area.

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