If it is Proven that He is the Father, Can I Ask for Child Support from the Time Our Child was Born?

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I applied for paternity in court for my son who is 5 years old. The father asked for a DNA test. We are waiting for the result. If it’s proven that he is the father, can I ask for child support from the time our child was born? He has given me $300 ten times over the past five years. How do I know how much he can afford? He hired an attorney, but I cannot afford one to represent me.

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Depending on your state law, the child support payments may be made retroactive to the date of your child’s birth, or to the date of filing the child support petition.

Most states provide a child support calculator to determine a base estimate of support. The amount of support will vary depending on a variety of factors such as the child custody arrangement, and/or the custodial and non-custodial parent’s income.

You should consult with a local pro-bono family law attorney to obtain legal advice regarding the child support laws of your state.

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