If I’m Brought to Court in One State, Can That Effect my Property In Another? What If my Wife Is the One Sued?

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1) If I own property in state X and I am brought to court in state Y for a civil tort, can the court issue a judgment lien against my real property in state X?

2) If I own property in severalty (i.e. my wife granted me 100% of her interest in the property when the property was purchased), and my wife is sued, can my separate property be attacked during an attempt to make a collection for a civil tort for which my wife was found liable?”

1) Technically, no, but that doesn’t matter. Once you get a judgment in State Y, you can take it to the courts in State X and get a “Sister State Judgment,” which can then be enforced against the State X property.

2) It depends on the nature of the liability and the laws of your particular state.

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