If I am Emancipated, Can I Live With my Grandmother?

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“I have a question about emancipation. I’ve been living with my father for 3 months now, as a result of him claiming custody of me, and I no longer wish to be here. He never pays attention to me or cares about me for that matter. We are constantly arguing about things in the house, and what I do. So I’ve heard that emancipation can get you out of a home as a minor. I’ve read about all the requirements for this emancipation to take place, that’s where the problem comes in. I’ve been offered a home at my grandmother’s residence, and I’ve lived there before, so I know I’ll be happy and treated well there. I don’t meet all the requirements for this legal action to take place, so I was wondering if I could be emancipated to my grandmother’s home. She is okay with all of this, and me moving in again, but I just need to know if it’s possible to do this.”

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You don’t say what the issue is that is barring you from requesting emancipation, nor where you live, so it’s a bit hard to answer your question. However, assuming that it’s that you are not yet old enough – or that you don’t meet some other requirement of the emancipation laws where you live, your best bet would be to ask your grandmother or another adult with whom you are close (a guidance counsellor or a pastor, perhaps) to go with you to the local social services offices, and to ask them what you can do to have guardianship or custody switched to your grandmother.

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