If a Parent Terminates Rights to One Child, Does that Also Apply to the Other Remaining Children?

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“I live in Texas. CPS recently placed my nephew in my mothers custody. His mother signed away her rights and now my nephew is ward of the state. My nephew’s brother as lived with my mom since he was born. He is now 8 years old. If CPS made her sign her rights away what happens to the siblings??? She also has another son that lives with her aunt, they have had him since he was born and he is now 10. Does she still have rights to her other two boys?”

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Unless and until the rights are terminated, the biological parents still have the rights as parents. A court-ordered termination would be needed to sever those ties. Though siblings are often moved at the same time, the signing away of the rights to one child does not in, and of itself, sign away the rights to all of one’s children.

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