I Think I Donated Land to a Bogus Church, Can I Still Get It Back?

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“What recourse do I have if I think I have made a contribution of land to a “bogus church”?”

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It depends on exactly what you mean by “bogus church.” If there was some sort of fraud involved in inducing you to make the contribution, you might be able to get the land (or the money equivalent) back, though that might involve a lawsuit if the “church” doesn’t voluntarily give you the property back.

Also, depending on the circumstances, there may have been a crime involved. You may wish to check with the appropriate police or district attorney (or possibly the Federal equivalents).

If, on the other hand, you’re just having “donator’s remorse” because the church isn’t what you thought it was, you might be out of luck.

You could always try, first off, just asking for your contribution back.

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