I Received a Collection Notice from the Telephone Company from 12 Years Ago, How Long Can They Seek Payment?

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“Hello, how long can a phone company seek payment? I just received a collection notice from 12 yrs ago, in my ex- married name. My ex- husband I found out is deceased and I believe if there is such a bill he had his hands on it. I check my credit yearly and have never seen anything or heard anything about this. I am trying to dispute it of course but legally how long can someone seek payment. I am a resident of another state and have since remarried, I have a successful business and own my own home. I don’t want anyone or any thing hurting what we have worked so hard for.”

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Without knowing a lot more facts, it’s hard to say just exactly what the rights of the phone company are. But I wonder whether you were ever in any way responsible for incurring the bill and, if so (or even if not) if the amount of the bill is not less then it would cost to fight it legally. If so, perhaps it would make sense to just pay it.

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