I Hit My Neighbor’s Car Because it was Parked in the Wrong Spot, Can I Bill Him for Damage to My Car?

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“My issue: I share a driveway with my neighbor, where the entrance has room for just one car; the driveway then broadens enough for 2 cars. In the past, he has parked close to the entrance, making for a very tight squeeze for me to get in and out. He was told to move by the landlord, which he did. Today, he parked there again, which I didn’t see until I had to go to work. I didn’t have the time to ask him to move his car, so I tried squeezing through, which didn’t quite work. I ended up bumping his car, resulting in my far left front-light to be completely knocked off. My question: can I bill my neighbor to replace the light?”

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Can you bill your neighbor because you hit his parked car? As far as I know, parking in the wrong place doesn’t give someone the right to run into your car.  Which is what you did: you ran into his parked car.

Consider yourself lucky if there wasn’t any damage to his car that he’s billing you for.

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