I Fear My Grandson’s Father May Kidnap Him. What Can We Do?

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‘I am concerned that my grandson’s biological father, who has spent three years in prison, has visitation with my eight year old grandson and can take him across state line from Missouri to Kentucky. I believe it is against the law, and it is not written into the court papers. We are worried about possible kidnapping. What should we do? The visit is scheduled for tomorrow at 3:30 pm after school. He has also shown no interest until child support was requested by the state.’

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It sounds like you have a court-ordered custody agreement. If this is the case, the mother can petition the court for a modification of that agreement to include a provision about removing the child from the state. If you believe that your grandchild was kidnapped (if the father does not return the child on the specified day), you can contact the local law enforcement to have your custody agreement
enforced and the child returned to her mother.

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