How WIll My Father’s Property Be Distributed?

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My father recently died. He had abandoned my mother and 6 kids to fend for themselves in any way possible. As far as we know he left no will. The woman he was living with when he died had been divorced from him since 1977. The battle now is between his “common law” wife and us 6 kids over his estate. As far as I know, common law isn’t recognized in Tennessee, but is in Georgia. He owned two houses, one in Georgia and the one in Tennessee. He always filed their taxes from Tennessee. Exactly what are we entitled to being his only natural children in spite of the fact that he abandoned us?

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You should consult with an wills and trusts attorney to find the answers you need regarding the division of your father’s property. Based on the information you provided, it appears as though Tennessee State law (the county/city in which your father resided will have jurisdiction) will apply to the distribution of his assets. Contact a local attorney in the local in which your father resided in see how and if his property will be distributed amongst his living relatives.

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Author: House Attorney