How Will Moving Out of State Effect Child Support?

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“I have full custody, both residential a legal custody of my (2)year old boy. The father has not seen his son either have asked to visit for about a year and a half. He is paying child support through the court. I want to move to a different state. I will give the father (2) weeks notice before we move in writing. Does he has the right to stop paying child support because we are moving? Do I have to notify the court or child support agency we are moving? The payment is direct deposit. Can he fight back regarding child support?”

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He cannot stop paying child support because you move, but he can request a change in the amount based on the new circumstances. However, depending on the state in which you live, you probably cannot just give him notice and move. This is not a piece of furniture you are moving, it’s a child, and until that child is 18 years old you have an obligation to the father, and to the child, and that includes not moving without proper legal notice to the father.

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