How to Show Evidence of Loss in a Proof Hearing

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“I had a large company destroy my credit. I won in court on a default. The company will not acknowledge this judgment so I sued them again.

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I have a proof hearing and need to show the judge proof of loss. How should I proceed? What can I show the judge other than a FICO score.”

This will depend entirely on what your actual losses were. Unfortunately, because you ‘won’ because the company defaulted, it doesn’t actually mean that you will ‘win’ in terms of damages and loss. The very fact that you are asking on a free legal questions website “how to prove my loss” suggests that your losses aren’t necessarily tangible. Has the destruction of your credit caused you to lose privileges that you can quantify? Were you evicted, or did you have something repossessed, as a direct result of the damage to your credit? Your best bet would be to ask a financial expert, such as an accountant.

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