How Soon is My Lawyer Required to Disclose to Me a Settlement Offer From a Workplace Injury?

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“My husband got a settlement almost 2 years ago from an accident on a job site at his work. Our lawyer still hasn’t given us any information, like a list of disbursements, or even a contract of our structured settlement. When we ask for these things, he puts us off by saying that he has to get it or ask the insurance company for it, etc. Our question is, was his settlement amount public information? And can we find out exactly how much it was for? I think our lawyer is hiding this information from us, as the newspaper said my husband got one amount and the lawyer said a much lower amount.”

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Your lawyer is required to convey all settlement offers to you (the client), and you should have been made aware of the amount of the settlement and been required to sign documents whereby you agreed to the settlement. Those documents would also contain information about the terms and conditions of the settlement. If your lawyer is withholding information about your settlement, you may consider contacting another lawyer who can help you get the information you need. Unless this was a private settlement, you should be able to get a copy from the court you filed the lawsuit in.

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