How Should I Approach my Townhome Neighbors About Tenting for Termites?

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“I live in a townhome home that has only one other townhome on the lot. There is one adjoining wall. Part of the north side of my house faces onto their back yard. I desperately need to have some termiting done, and the tent would have to be dropped into their back yard to get full coverage of that side of my house. I have had nothing but problems with these people and anticipate having to sue for easement access to be able to have this done. How would you recommend I handle this?”

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Well, if you live in a development with an HOA (Homeowner’s Association), you could try using the HOA as a go-between. Short of that, I would try to appeal to your neighbor’s self-interest. You’re asking for access to keep those pesky termites away from THEIR property, right?

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