How Can I Tell if My Grandmother Changed Her Will?

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“I was under the impression that my grandmother had changed her will shortly before her death. In the Information to Heirs and Devisees’ letter it states ‘the decedent’s will dated -a year ago- and codicil dated “N/A” was presented’.  Does that mean there were no changes made? Or that the ‘amendment’ was not accepted or something? It is the ‘N/A’  that confuses me. I would assume there would be a date the codicil was made.”

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First, we are sorry for your loss.  It sounds as if you are talking about a form that had blanks filled in, and in the blank for a codicil date, it says “N/A”, which would, ordinarily, suggest that there has been no codicil.  This would likely mean either there really is no codicil, or that there is a codicil but someone neglected to fill in the codicil date.  You don’t say why you are under the impression that your grandmother changed her will,  but if she did, is it possible that instead of a codicil she simply wrote a brand new will, which would supersede the previous one?

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