How Can I Protect My Property Rights?

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My parents own twenty-five acres of land in Texas. My sister and her boyfriend want to build a home together on this property. In order to do this, the property would need to be transferred over to me and my sister, which our parents agreed to. I found an attorney to draw up the papers. Before the meeting with the attorney, my sister informed me that the homebuilder said that her boyfriend’s name would also need to be on the deed for her half before they could build. The homebuilder told the boyfriend this. When we met with the attorney to have this done, he said the boyfriend’s name does not have to be on the deed. The house they want to build will be in the boyfriend’s name only because he has better credit than she does. I am so concerned that this will leave her totally unprotected in the future. I am against the boyfriend’s name going on the deed. What should we do?

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Abraham Lincoln once wrote that a lawyer’s time and advice are his stock in trade. Is there some reason you’re not taking the advice of your attorney, particularly as it supports your position?

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