How Can I Prevent My Neighbor From Crossing the Property Line?

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My neighbors property line is 3 ft from my house. Now they are parking cars about 2 feet from the property line on their front lawn. Do I have any recourse? I am afraid they will be leaving the car there as they do not drive it much.

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If they’re parking on their side of the property line, they are not trespassing on your property. Depending on what they are doing with the car, you might be able to convince a judge that’s a nuisance, but that would have to involve something coming on to your property–though that something could be an odor or noise.

However, you are more likely to be successful looking into any local codes that restrict things like parking on grass. If the city, county, or other municipality restricts this behaviour, they should enforce their own rules, though you may need to bring it to their attention.

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Author: House Attorney