How Can I Obtain Custody of My Daughters if I Live Out-of-State?

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My daughters live in Puerto Rico. Their mother has court on the 20th and there is a possibility that she may go to jail. How can I obtain custody of my girls if I live in Texas?

Depending on the results of their mother’s case, if your daughters are minors and their mother is in fact jailed, then they will likely be placed into the custody of a state agency, or within the custody of a local family member if the law permits.

You need to contact a lawyer in Puerto Rico that can advise you of your child custody rights. For example, depending on the law, you may have to make an appearance to prove you are the father of your daughters and petition to have them return with you to Texas. You should also connect with an attorney familiar with U.S. Territory custodial law who can advise you of your rights.