How Can I Legally Get My Cat Back?

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I hope you can answer this right away because I have a court date coming up. I have a cat colony. I adopted a cat from animal control and he hated living in my house because he missed the outdoors. I put him in my colony. He wasn’t feeling well and I scheduled a vet appointment for 2 days out. This woman who was going to pay the bill said she got an appointment For that day. I put the cat in his carrier and drove the women to the new vet. I told them to tell the vet he’s my cat, get the diagnosis, and medicine. They didn’t. Instead they told the vet the cat should live indoors, etc. I tried to get the cat numerous times. Each time the vet made an excuse. Now I’m suing her in court. She now says she gave the cat to someone for adoption. The court attorney asked if it was for money. She said yes. Now I heard that if there is a person who adopted him from the vet they might not have to give him back to me. Is that correct? I want my cat back. He’s supposed to be adopted by my friend. We don’t even think she gave him up for adoption. We think she took him home to her house. She might have falsified papers for the court to show adoption.

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You stated that you took her to court. What happened? Did the court enter any type of judgment against her? The court may require you to prove some type of proof establishing legal ownership of the cat. Usually, most pet owners file a certificate of ownership (pet license) with the county or city in which they reside. If you do not have a license of ownership, you may be able to bring a witness to court with you to testify on your behalf of ownership. You can also request for her to provide you with information regarding the adoption. Again, depending on your state law, if you can verify that you are in fact the owner, you may be able to have the cat returned to you. You need to contact an attorney that is familiar with animal law for legal advice and guidance.

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Author: House Attorney