How Can I Get My Name Removed from this Car Loan?

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I have just ended a bad relationship, but before we decided to part ways, we bought a car together. He took the car. We got this car in September 2012. Is it too soon for him to have it refinanced in his name only? If he refuses to have it refinanced, what are my options? How can I get my name removed from this car loan? Please help!

He will need to check with the bank to see if he is eligible to refinance the car loan. Each bank has different refinancing terms and conditions.

Depending on the terms of your loan agreement, you are most likely legally responsible for payment of the loan and presumably have title to the car. You may be able to get a cosigner release after a certain number of consecutive on-time payments have been made; however, you will need review the terms of the loan agreement to see if this is applicable.

Alternatively, the only way to get your name off the loan is to cooperate with the other party. You may request for him to take over the loan completely by refinancing the car loan and removing you from the title.