How Can I Find Out if His Will is Public Information?

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My Dad passed away in 2010. He told me he had a will. I did not ask, nor did he tell me the lawyer’s name who prepared the will. My question is, how can I find out if his will is public information? I’m lost and don’t know where to start. He passed in Indiana. I have contacted the funeral home and they said that my dad’s life insurance paid for it all. Thank you.

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You can start by asking other family members if they know about your father’s will, or any attorneys in which he frequented. Further, you can go to the local probate courthouse to search their public records to see if your father’s will is located there. Generally, anyone who is in possession of a will is required, under most state laws, to produce it after the testator has died. Additionally, you could also hire an attorney to assist you with searching for the will.

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Author: House Attorney