How can I Drop Assault Charges Against my Boyfriend? Who do I Need to Contact?

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“Can I drop the charges against my boyfriend for assault and get him out of jail? His hearing date is November 29 which is two months away. He lost his job and risks losing his car and everything. He was served a protective order for 72 hours for a “cooling off period” and he violated this by coming back to get clothes. He is Peruvian and doesnt comprhend the english language very well. Who can I contact to get him out, so we can seek some professional help, like anger management?”

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In a criminal prosecution, unlike a civil case, the plaintiff is the state – not the individual against whom the alleged crime was perpetrated. As such, technically, it is often up to the D.A. to choose whether to drop the case or not. That said, many District Attorneys (“D.A.”s) will not want to bring a case if the victim is unwilling to move forward with the charges. Your best bet is to talk to the D.A..

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