How Can I Divorce My Estranged Husband?

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I have been separated from my husband since 2006. I have no idea where to find him. I don’t even know any of his relatives names! I want to ask him what he wants to do about our marriage. I am currently on disability and don’t have the money to find him or pay for a divorce if that’s what he wants to do. What should I do??

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Well, you could continue to look for him, or obtain a skip trace service to do it for you. You could also file for divorce and possibly provide service of process through a newspaper publication pursuant to local court rules. Consult with a local attorney to find out what your legal options are regarding serving him with notice of the divorce, if this is the course you take. If he is properly served, and fails to respond, you may be able to enter a default judgment against him (assuming the court has jurisdiction to hear the matter).

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Author: House Attorney