How can I Contest Complaint if my Ex has Moved Out of State?

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“This is a little complicated. My ex wife and I were divorced in Bergen County, PA. She has now moved with my son to Northern New Jersey. She has file a complaint of domestication and she says it is for the sole purpose of legally stating that she resides in NJ now. I have joint legal custody and never did anything about her moving. In this complaint it now states a lot of different things. Such as paying support until the child is 23. How can I stop all these new things from happening? I cannot afford a lawyer right now.”

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Usually the Court that makes initial orders retains jurisdiction over the disposition of a case. Unfortunately for you, you will likely need an attorney to at least have the Court in New Jersey recognize that the case before it concerning support of your son needs to be heard in the Pennsylvania Court that already has jurisdiction in your case. You need to make your request to challenge jurisdiction in the first papers you file with the Court. The time to retain counsel to get your case on track is now, not later.

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