How Can a Father Prove His Child’s Mother is Unfit and Obtain Sole Custody?

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‘I have a friend who wants full custody of his teenage daughter. He feels like his past will prevent him from obtaining full custody–conviction for a DUI. His child’s mother is emotionally and often times physically not around. She doesn’t have a job (fired 2 years ago) and she parties/drinks too much. The mother has brought an array of men into her house to live over the course of his daughter’s life, and she has 2 other children with 2 other fathers. My friend feels if all the fathers banded together, the outcome would be in his favor. Can these men petition the court in one hearing? He is very worried because his daughter has been caught shoplifting and is becoming promiscuous herself. It is very disheartening because these men are stand-up fathers and they all have minimal visitation with their children. This woman has been able to present herself in such a way to make these guys look like they are the bad guys here.’

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Even though the mother is the same, the fathers are different and have different circumstances that will determine the outcome in each case. If your friend is concerned with the mother’s ability to parent, he should contact an attorney and petition the court for a modification of the existing custody order in light of the mother’s circumstances. Attempting to band the fathers together will only serve to make your friend look bad. That said, if they happened to all file at around the same
time, the court *would* likely notice.

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