Foster Parents Have Legal Custody of my Child, Am I Allowed to Visit Her?

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“I signed over legal custody to foster parents of my daughter but retained my biological rights, can they decide to not let me talk to my daughter or visit with her or can she decide this?

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The legal guardians of my biological child filed a complaint with the police department claiming I am harassing them and my daughter. The police department filed a complaint with the district attorney’s office. I was never warned to stop contact plus my biological rights were not stripped,they also cut off their phone so I can’t have contact. How can this be considered harassment when I still have rights to my daughter?”

This is a complicated question, and there is not enough information here for us to really guide you, other than to say that you should contact an attorney who specializes in juvenile care and family laws. If you don’t have an order specifically providing for you to have contact with your daughter, then you may well have no right to contact – so you need to see about getting an order, asap.

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