Ex’s New Girlfriend is My Apartment Manager and Abusing Her Authority

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“I live in an apartment complex. My ex-husbands girlfriend got a job as the manager here. She has access to all my information (taxes, pay stubs, child support papers, divorce decree, my university standing) because this is a lower income residence. Do I have any rights? She has been working on my “recertification” for the past 6 months, forgetting something, requesting new copies of something else. I am sick of the power trip and not sure what my rights are.”

Have you considered moving?

I have to assume that this woman has some sort of supervisor or other superior.  As a first pass, I would try talking to them.  I assume that recertification doesn’t typically take this long, so it’s reasonable to move up the chain of command on that ground alone (without getting into the personal relation aspect of it).  Once you’re talking, you could simply say that this manager is your ex’s girlfriend, and perhaps something could be worked out so someone else handles your file.