Ex-husband Coerced Intoxicated Mom to Falsely Accuse Boyfriend of Domestic Violence

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“My boyfriend was arrested for domestic violence against me in October. I was drunk and high and ended up hitting myself.  I called my ex-husband to come get me; he did, and took me to the nearest cop. He told me if I ever wanted to see my son again I would lie and say my boyfriend hit me.   Needless to say, I was scared, drunk, and high and I made the police report.  My boyfriend got arrested.  I went to state attorney’s office to request charges be dropped.  They did drop the no contact order in November but we still have a court date coming up for charges.  My question is will it be in his best interest for me to show up when he goes to court?  The police did take pictures and there are no witnesses.”

In this case, it is probably in everybody’s best interest that you go to court, tell the truth about the whole situation, and work toward clearing up the ambiguities.  Contact the attorney who is handling the case and schedule a visit to ask about the best course of action. Some jurisdictions have offices that handle specifically domestic violence issues and will help you through the process of dropping your complaint.  Keep in mind that there may be consequences for you for filing the complaint AND that anything you say under oath is public record.  That means that if you say you were high in one court, and you have any pending drug charges,  the state can use that testimony in a case against you.