Does A Person Need Permission To Film My Family?

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I had a pool contractor from Hobbs, New Mexico installing a fiberglass pool at our house in Odessa, Texas. He stated to me by text that he was videoing my family while we were in the pool and ever since he had been on our property for the integrity of his job and trailer. He never asked for our permission to video us, nor told us until halfway through the job that he was videoing us. We have minor grandchildren that were in our backyard as well. My question is was he required in Texas to advise us on his videoing us and get our written permission before he began his videoing? He is trying to use his tape in a civil case against us and our children are concerned about their children being videoed since they are minors.

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This is a highly fact-specific situation, and you will need to consult with either a general or a criminal lawyer in Texas about this (criminal because they will be most familiar with the rules of evidence in this regard).

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Author: House Attorney