Do I Need to Notify my Home Owners Association If I Plan to Rent Out my Home?

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“My question is I must notify my HOA that I plan on renting out my home. I can not rent it for more then 2 years in accordance with the HOA. Can the HOA say no to me renting out my home? What rights do I have? I have been sent a letter from the HOA stating otherwise that I may not rent my home out. They realize the home has been sitting vacant for 5 months and I have not found a buyer but Noticed it on Craigslist for rent. I have notified them but, they have yet to answer me back. What can I do. My home is in Dardenne Prairie, MO and the only thing the city requires is a occapany permit. Help please.”

Question: The only reason that the HOA would not be able to restrict rentals would be if there were a law which prevented them from doing so. Unfortunately, you will need to consult with a local attorney to determine whether there is such a law in your area.