Do I Have to Continue Paying Child Support for My 18-Year-Old Son?

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My son turns 18-years-old this month. I have been paying child support for my son since he was born. He has lived in Houston his whole life. I live in Washington. His mother and I never married. Knowing we were not going to live and be together, we agreed on a monthly payment. We had it legalized and signed by a notary. I have always paid my monthly payment plus more if needed on occasion. I pay for all his airfare when he has visited me. Is my obligation concluded now that he will be 18-years-old?

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You need to review the terms of your notarized agreement to determine if support is still warranted after your son turns 18-years-old. If the agreement is silent, you will need to research your state law regarding the matter. You should contact a local family law attorney for legal advice and guidance.

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Author: House Attorney