Do I Have to Comply With His Request?

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I was 17-years-old when I got pregnant. I have no relationship with my child’s father. Three months after the child was born, I applied for assistance because I wasn’t getting any support from the father, or his family. To make a long story short. I applied for aid and I withheld information about the father. Now he has been slapped with a $50,000 fine on his credit report for back-pay. He wants me to write a letter saying that we reconciled our difference and to drop the case because he wants to do right with the family that he created now. I withheld information about him while applying for aid. I don’t want to comply with his request because it wouldn’t be fair for my child. With the help of my family WE RAISED my child and the father’s relationship with my child is only when it’s convenient for him. I am no longer receiving aid. I haven’t been for years. Now I feel like my past is back to haunt me. Do I have to comply with his request?

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You do not have to comply with his request; however, if the government agency in which you received support from contacts you for more information about the matter, then you will have to comply with their request. As of now, he needs to discuss the matter with the agency that is charging him the $50,000 for back-pay. Based on the information you provided, you have not been summoned to produce any information.

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Author: House Attorney