Do I Have Legal Custody of My Children?

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I am a 21-year-old father of two boys – Carter age 3 and Mason age 2. I reside in Wichita Kansas. The mother of my children and myself signed an agreement for the custody of the boys stating what days I would have them an where they are to stay an be provided for. It is a notarized agreement. She keeps threatening to void the agreement and keep my children from me. I have complied with every aspect of the agreement. Her threatening to void the agreement has been an ongoing issue because she is who wrote it. Can she void our notarized agreement for no reason? What should I do in this case so she cannot continue to make threats? We don’t have money for lawyers so I need a way to insure she cannot keep my children from me in any way. Please help!

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Did the court approve your custody agreement? If not, the agreement is void. You can file a petition for custody. If your children’s mother refuses to let the children see you, you can file an ex parte petition for the court to set temporary custody until a formal hearing occurs. Based on the information you provided, her threats are meritless. Contact a pro bono family law clinic asap to discuss your options.

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