Did I Violate the Child Custody Order?

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My ex-husband and I have set visitation ordered by the court. My ex never sticks to his visitation. I filed a motion to have his visitation reduced again. Now he calls today and wants his daughter this weekend. Well I just found out he is planning on having my 6-year-old daughter stay with him at his girlfriend’s house he has been dating for only 3 weeks. No way will she be going over there. First he did not give me 30 days written notice that he was staying there/living there and second he has only been dating her 3 weeks. Would I be in violation of the court order by refusing to let her go?

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If the court order grants you permission to refuse visitation pursuant to the situation mentioned above, then no, you will not be in violation of the order. If the court order is silent regarding the matter, you may incur legal repercussions for failing to let your daughter visit her father. You should speak with a local attorney to discuss your options. The attorney can review the order and advise you of your rights.

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Author: House Attorney