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Do I Own the Contents of My Mother’s House?

My mother had a will stating to divide everything equally but she did not deed the house to me in 2008 and it stated that upon death the house became mine. My brother who is the executor of the will wants to sell the assets inside the house and split the money. Read more [...]

How Should I Dispose of My Deceased Mother’s Property?

My mother died without a will and owing lots of money to creditors and the IRS. Her car which has an IRS lien against it is in my driveway. Read more [...]

Does the Wife Have Any Rights to the Estate?

If a man dies and leaves his house and land to his grandchild, and only lets his wife live in the house until she dies, or as long as she wants to, does the property have to be sold to repay his debts? Read more [...]

Is My Father Obligated to Pay the Mortgage?

I thought my father cosigned for the mortgage on my home, but when he passed away in Aug of 2014, Wells Fargo told me that I was the only one on the deed. Both my name and his name are on the deed. Read more [...]

How Can I Get My Father’s Possessions Back?

My father passed away very recently while I was out of state. My daughter's mother and her husband went to the mortuary to make all the arrangements. Read more [...]

Do I Legally Own My Mother’s Home?

My mom passed away and left me her home via quit claim deed. I have been making payments and living in the home. I am not on the mortgage. Read more [...]