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Will I Need to Pay a Death Tax Upon My Elderly Mother’s Death?

My Mother has a Family Trust and upon her death everything will come to me. We live in Oregon. She is now 92 and I am 72. Upon her death do I need to pay a Death Tax? Read more [...]

Can My Son’s Girlfriend Claim An Interest In My Estate?

Under Maine law, can my grandson's girlfriend sue him for his share of my estate when I die? Read more [...]

Will My Nephew Have Any Legal Right To His Father’s Estate?

My nephew's dad died in Michigan and so far no will has been found. The father's name is not on his birth certificate. Read more [...]

Do Grandchildren Have An Interest In Their Grandparent’s Estate?

My dad had 4 children born to him. My dad passed away in 2011. He was predeceased by one child in 1999. Dad had a will made in Jan. 2007 leaving the 3 surviving children as his beneficiaries. Read more [...]

Has My Life Estate In My Step-Father’s Property Terminated?

I am from KY and wintering in FL at the moment. My step-father passed away in December. I received a copy of his Will today wherein he leaves his home to one of his brothers, HOWEVER, #1 gives me the right o "live at the property for as long as he may wish, however, must pay for upkeep at the property and pay the property taxes" and #2, after I die or move from the property, it then passes to his brother for ownership." Read more [...]

How Can I Legally Collect The $30,000 My Son Owes Me?

Several years ago my husband divorced his first wife and in the divorce decree, he was given $30,000.00 for his portion of their house, to be paid by his wife within three years after the divorce. Read more [...]