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Can I Use My Deceased Father’s Credit Cards?

My father-in-law let my husband get credit cards under his name years ago. Since then my father-in-law has passed away (it's been 3 years), but I have been using the cards mostly to pay for food and electric utilities. Read more [...]

Will My Name Change Request Be Rejected?

When filling out Name Change forms, there's a section asking for the reason for the change of name. Read more [...]

What Are My Parenting Time Rights For My Out-Of-State Son?

I have a 4-year-old son and I am currently paying child support. I live in New Jersey but his mother lives in Texas with my son. Read more [...]

How Can I Stop My Brother From Removing Landscapping From Our Shared Residence?

I co-own some property with my siblings, (left to us by our mother,) and one of the co-owners decided to take some shrubs, cobblestones, and flagstones from the property and use them in his own yard. Read more [...]

Does A Person Need Permission To Film My Family?

I had a pool contractor from Hobbs, New Mexico installing a fiberglass pool at our house in Odessa, Texas. He stated to me by text that he was videoing my family while we were in the pool and ever since he had been on our property for the integrity of his job and trailer. Read more [...]

Can I File A Claim Of Elder Abuse On My Mother’s Behalf?

I am one of 5 siblings and my father is deceased. Mom is 85 with diagnosed dementia which is worse some days, better others. Read more [...]