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Is There Anything I Can Do to Get My Stolen Dog Back from My Neighbors?

My neighbor stole our dog. The police won't press charges. Is there anything we can do? Read more [...]

Can I Re-File My Dismissed Lawsuit?

I personally filed a claim in Small Claims court in California for $5000. I was the plaintiff and lost. The real value of what I was suing for was worth $7500. Read more [...]

Is My Neighbor Liable for Damage to My Vehicle?

The house next door is an occupied rental house. The shingles are blowing off and scratching up my new vehicle. Read more [...]

What Does it Mean for the Defendant when a Witness Fails to Appear?

This is the outcome of court today what does it mean for the defendant? 'Witness failed to appear. Officer out sick. Defense ready. Must be tried. Commonwealth no-objection.' Read more [...]

I Want to Sue My Former Roommate for Stealing From Me; Can I Sue Her For Emotional Stress As Well?

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. To answer your first question: getting bank records can be very difficult for small claims cases. The rules of civil procedure, which include discovery, are more limited in small claims courts than in courts with jurisdiction over suits involving larger sums of money. The typical way to get bank records is either through discovery, or order from the court compelling the bank to produce the required documents. These types of actions are uncommon in small claims cases. Read more [...]

I Hit My Neighbor’s Car Because it was Parked in the Wrong Spot, Can I Bill Him for Damage to My Car?

My issue: I share a driveway with my neighbor, where the entrance has room for just one car; the driveway then broadens enough for 2 cars. In the past, he has parked close to the entrance, making for a very tight squeeze for me to get in and out. He was told to move by the landlord, which he did. Today, he parked there again, which I didn't see until I had to go to work. Read more [...]