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Can I Sue My Friend For Defamation Of Character And Slander?

A friend of ours stole money out of the joint bank account that I have with my fiancée. He then told the authorities, as well as my fiancée, that I was with him, gave him the card and pin number, and even gave him permission to take the money out. Read more [...]

Can I Be Held Liable for Defamation of Character?

My question is pertaining to Ohio slander/libel law. My husband committed adultery. I am considering writing a letter to the other woman's parents, informing them of the drug, alcohol abuse, and sexual relations she had with a man she knew was married with children. Read more [...]

What Does it Mean for the Defendant when a Witness Fails to Appear?

This is the outcome of court today what does it mean for the defendant? 'Witness failed to appear. Officer out sick. Defense ready. Must be tried. Commonwealth no-objection.' Read more [...]

I Complained to School About a Substitute Teacher Taking Pictures of My Child for Personal Use, and Now She is Harassing Me at Work, What Can I Do?

Substitute teacher took pictures of my child at school for personal reasons. I filed a complaint with the school board. They told her last Thursday she was "blocked" from subbing and she came straight from the school board office to my job, showed them my complaint (which she should not have a copy of), some print outs of my old Facebook pages and tried to tell them I was doing this on company time and wanted them to term me. Read more [...]

What to do When Falsely Accused at Work

They confronted my husband with urinating outside the building on his way in, and claimed " 2 witnesses" saw him. Well my husband told them to review the videotape and see, because he didn't do such a thing. They advised my husband to clean out his locker, turn in his lock, and his badge. They were suspending him pending an investigation and he was told to report to the HR department the following morning at 9:00 a.m. Well he went , and they agreed they were indeed wrong, as he did not urinate the camera clearly showed he was tying his pants. My question is does he have any legal recourse for falsely being accused, losing a nights worth of pay ( about 140.00), and being humiliated. Is he entitled to something to make this right? Read more [...]

Someone in our Community is Circulating a Petition and has Threatened Anyone that Disagrees with him, What Can We do?

We have an Individual that has published a petition in our community. This petition states that our elected officials have made statements that they have not. This individual also continues to threaten anyone that disagrees with him that they will be sued by him. Additionally the petition claims that by signing the petition individuals will be preserving a right to vote that is not allowed for under Florida statutes. Short of hiring a lawyer which is beyond our means what actions can be taken to stop this. Read more [...]