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Disputes with Shared Retaining Wall

We and our adjacent neighbors are in a dispute over a 4 foot high concrete retaining wall that straddles both of our property lines. We've had large clay terra-cotta pots sitting on top of retaining wall with lattice in the pots to obscure the neighbors privacy fence, which is few feet back from the retaining wall. Recently (last week), they decided to start objecting to the clay pots (which are on their property, according to their survey). Would mediation/arbitration be a better, less expensive way to go? Read more [...]

I Disagree with Changes Made to My Co-Op’s Occupancy Agreement, What Can I do?

I am a shareholder of a Co-Op property. I complained that the occupancy agreement states (with regard to carrying charge adjustments) "No member shall be charged more than his/her proportionate share of the expenses" and the recent adjustment was clearly equal, not proportionate. My written complaint was delivered to the corporation's attorney. I was told that the attorney concurs that the decision was appropriate. Is this really legal or do I have any options to challenge the decision? Read more [...]

Arbitration and Mediation as Alternative Dispute Resolution

Arbitration and mediation, such as divorce mediation, are forms of ADR (alternative dispute resolution) designed to help people reach a settlement without going to court. Nearly any legal dispute can be arbitrated or mediated. Read more [...]