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What Questions Should I Ask at a Town Meeting Regarding a Zoning Change?

Property across the street from my home is zoned for single-family homes, although nothing has ever been built on it. The current owner of the property is seeking to change the zoning laws to include residential AND commercial zoning so that live/work structures can be built on it. We are having a town meeting in a couple of days – are there specific questions that I should ask about this application to re-zone? Read more [...]

How Can We Get a Neighboring Golf Course to Maintain Its Grounds?

What can our homeowners association do about our neighboring golf course's failure to maintain its grounds? Read more [...]

Can My Neighbor Dig in My Driveway if His Sewer is Backed Up?

My neighbor’s sewer is backed up. He wants to dig in my driveway, claiming a gas line running on his. What rights does he have if I don’t consent? He’s a lawyer and threatens a lawsuit claiming the law being on his side. I am in the town of North Hempstead, Long Island, NY. The town office says I have the rights to my property, but it’s deemed a private matter and they wouldn’t/couldn’t get involved. Read more [...]

My Sister’s Neighbor’s Kids Poked Holes in Her New Fence and They Refuse to Pay to Fix it

My sister lives in Florida and just replaced her back yard fence. The fence is on her property not the property line (approx 1 ft before the property line). The neighbors child has poked holes in every panel of this brand new 3000.00 fence by beating some sort of sharp implement on it! Read more [...]

Can My Township Revoke a Permit They Already Issued to Me for a Fence?

Hello my name is Mike writing you from Howell, New Jersey. My question is: my township gave me the approval for a fence on a 25' setback via"variance". Then a township engineer came to inspect my pool, and found an encroachment only on the fence. Can the township legally make me move it back the foot that's an encroachment issue after giving me the approval on my original permit? Read more [...]

How Can I Get a Non Existant Conveyance Taken Off the Deed to my Home?

Hi. I bought a house recently and was trying to refinance it when the bank called and said we would have to get an environmental study done on the property because there is a conveyance on the deed that says for he installation, maintenance, and repair of gas tank and lines. I cannot find where this tank may have been and have researched the deed back 60 years to where it was a farm but found out nothing else about the conveyance and if there was a tank of any kind put underground. Read more [...]