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Can I Sue My Neighbor For Trespassing On My Property?

My neighbor ran his Fios wire and attached it to my house, and made a hole in my house by attaching a clamp and attached the rest of the wire on my property where my Fios wiring is located. What can I do? Read more [...]

Can I Bring A Trespass Claim Against My Neighbor?

My neighbor has piles of dry wood everywhere leaning on the wooden fence. They are full of termites and they have gotten into my house. Read more [...]

Am I Trespassing Onto My Neighbor’s Property?

My husband and I have lived in our house for almost 13 years now. Before we bought our home we reviewed the survey and were aware that our neighbors fence was to their backyard which was 5 ft from the edge of our driveway and the edge of our driveway is the property line. The previous owners of our home put in a sprinkler system and there are 5 sprinkler heads and a valve box that are on the property that is technically our neighbors. Read more [...]

What Constitutes Criminal Trespass?

If I put up a fence on my property, does the homeowners association have the right to hire a surveyor and survey my property without my permission? Read more [...]

How Can I Prevent My Neighbor From Trespassing On My Property?

My neighbor's dock is built over the property line. We saw that when we bought our property. They have been there 20 years us 10. The problem we are having is now he is parking a boat on the side in front of our house, which is clearly in front of our property. Read more [...]

What Rights Do I Have After My Girlfriend Illegally Evicted Me From Her Home, and Now Refuses to Give My Belongs Back to Me?

What rights do I have after being illegally evicted from my girlfriend's home in a private gated community in California? While I was out she had her brother tell me I was moving out today or face domestic violence charges, which was completely fabricated in order to get me out for fear of being arrested as it happens all the time people get arrested based only on the partners word. Read more [...]