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How Can I Stop My Neighbor From Trespassing Onto My Property?

I have 3 1/2 acres of land. I have had it for 10 years. The owner on the west side cuts wood for a business. Read more [...]

Can I File An Injunction Against My Neighbor For Trespassing?

I am disabled and own a home listed as residential. Two weeks ago, our neighbor sold his quiet business to a towing company/junk yard. Read more [...]

Can I Sue My Neighbor For Trespassing On My Property?

The former owner of land we just purchased allowed a neighbor to keep cows on the property. Read more [...]

Can I Legally Move My Neighbor’s Irrigation System Off My Land?

I had a survey done recently and discovered that my neighbor has their irrigation 2.5 feet into my yard. The sprinkler guys said they need to move it back over so they can install my own irrigation system. My neighbor doesn't feel like moving it. What can I do? Read more [...]

Who Is Liable For Flood Damages?

Hi! I was wondering - I live in the country so we flood irrigate. The only rule I was told is that I had to keep my part of the ditches clean from debris and weeds. Read more [...]

How Can I Legally Remove A Trailer Off My Property?

My brother's 5th wheel trailer is on my aunt's property. He had a stroke a year ago and will not be returning to it. His daughter has POA and my aunt has asked her to have it removed. Read more [...]