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Can I Stop My Neighbor from Building an Extension?

My neighbor is building an add-on to their house that invades my backyard privacy and probably devalues my home, what can I do? Read more [...]

Can Common Area Trees Be Cut Down?

Can our neighbor cut down trees and shrubs located in the common area between our houses? Are there any laws governing common ground use? Read more [...]

Do I Have Exclusivity Over My Yard?

I bought a home with a large yard that was fenced into my unit. The unit was advertised as having a large yard. A neighbor claims it is ‘common property’ and that a past owner just fenced it off. I had planned to build a pool in my yard. What should I do? Read more [...]

Do I Have To Legally Refund A Mobile Home Deposit?

Do I have to return a partial deposit on a mobile home since the buyer never signed the contract? Read more [...]

Can My Brother Transfer Our Jointly Held Property Without My Permission?

My brother wants to give his kids his share of our mutually held property without my permission. Is this legal? Read more [...]

Is My Property Title Clouded?

I gave an acre of land to my great-nephew and niece who were minors. Later their dad tried to sell the land but could not because my mother's property line went through the middle of the lot. Read more [...]