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Can Common Area Trees Be Cut Down?

Can our neighbor cut down trees and shrubs located in the common area between our houses? Are there any laws governing common ground use? Read more [...]

Can I File A Temporary Restraining Order Against My Roommate?

I moved in with this woman and her son on December 30, 2015. At first we got along. Now she's extremely vindictive, taking my coffee and tea and hiding them in her purse. Read more [...]

Do I Have Exclusivity Over My Yard?

I bought a home with a large yard that was fenced into my unit. The unit was advertised as having a large yard. A neighbor claims it is ‘common property’ and that a past owner just fenced it off. I had planned to build a pool in my yard. What should I do? Read more [...]

Can I Sue Me Neighbor For Damaging My Water Line?

hree years ago my neighbor gave his daughter a piece of property behind my home. They never got a proper survey, and by going off the plot plan only, they ended up putting the water tap and water line across my property. Read more [...]

Can I Rescind My Property Easement?

A little over a year ago, our neighbors had their home listed for sale. We wanted to help them make a good sale so we allowed a easement for them across our land for the purpose of putting in a water line. Read more [...]

Is My Neighbor Liable For Damage To My Sewer Line?

My sewer line is tied into my neighbor's and they are backing up into the house. I had a plumbing service come in and they ran their line and said the problem was not in our line. Read more [...]